Let’s Get Technical, How To Beat The Bugs Affecting Your Business!

Let’s Get Technical, How To Beat The Bugs Affecting Your Business!

Is your computer overrun with viruses? How do you know? Most viruses are like a lot of diseases. You do not know if you have one unless you get checked out. It is the same with a computer. You need to do some checks. So, that is our first piece of advice. You need to run a system check on your work PC. It will come equipped with one such as Windows Defender.

All clear? Not so fast. If your computer is being peculiar then odds are there is still something wrong with it. Your system check has just not been able to pick it up. Here are some other options

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Get Some Anti-Virus Software

Please, avoid spending a fortune on anti virus software. Yes, it will work but it is not worth the obscene amount of money some companies expect you to pay for it. You can find free or cheap virus software like McAfee that works just as well. If you do want to pay, get a free trial. Use it to clean your computer and then wait for your free usage to run out. Next time you have an issue you can use the free trial again. It is a bit of a cheat though.

Be warned, research properly. Do not buy any random virus software. Also, be aware of scams. Have you ever seen a window popup at the bottom of your computer telling you it is infected? If you click on it, it will take you to a page where you can buy some anti-virus program. The popup is the virus. It is a marketing tool and it is very effective. Do not be fooled. If your computer has a virus, it will not suggest you buy software to deal with it. It will try to deal with it without extra help.

Get Some Help

We will tell you what you can do to beat the viruses in a minute. However, it does require a little tech knowledge. Are you completely oblivious to all things technical? If you would just rather hand it over to the experts, research a computer repair company.  Core Technical Solutions is a company that offers affordable fixes for any computer. If you are worried about making the problem worse, this is the solution for you.


There are some nasty viruses lying around the web these days. How do you catch them? Enter the wrong site or click on the wrong popup. Do yourself a favour and get your computer installed with an adblocker. This is an add on to your internet search program that stops ads for free. If you already have a virus, this is how to get rid of it. Reboot your computer in safe mode. To do this, hit F8 on the first black screen. This will run your computer without network connections. It freezes the virus. Go into “My Computer.” Then (C:). Click on “Users” and the file called your name or company. Click on the file called “AppData” and search through the first three files. Look through the files to find any file called a jumble of numbers and letters. This is your virus. Delete it. Delete it from the recycle bin. Reboot your computer. It should be working correctly, now.
Viruses get more advanced every month. Even if you know your way around a computer it is never a bad idea to think about recruiting some help. Particularly if your online business depends on your computers and servers working properly.