Galaxy Note 6 Best Mobile Ever! By Samsung

Galaxy Note 6 Best Mobile Ever! By Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone series has become one of the most popular models of all-time, and the next installment presumably called the Galaxy Note 6 will be yet another fan-favorite.



The fold-able display is probably the most intriguing rumor as it will allow the screen display to be even bigger than what it actually is. Some would say that a 6.2” screen would be way too big, but when looking at what we do from the palm of our hands this would be quite useful. Most of us have many mobile devices that all can do the same thing, but having one device for all would nearly replace the need for mobile tablets.

Many other smartphone flagships look to introduce something unique into many of their 2016 releases, and we can only expect more of the same out of Samsung. Aside from a bendable or foldable design, we have also heard of some rumors on 5G connectivity. Samsung has already made the public statement that the technology is already in place, but it’s uncertain if 5G connectivity will be ready for the Galaxy Note 6. Although we are hoping it will probably not be ready until at least 2018.


You can expect to see the optical image stabilization feature, fingerprint scanner, waterproof surround, shockproof sensors, and dust proof display to all return. While it is still too early to speculate how this will integrate into the new concept, it will be interesting to see if Samsung is able to pull it off.


Much of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept is to make the phone itself become an all-inclusive mobile device. As technology has already paved the way for mobile devices to make us more efficient and be able to allow us to multi-task with ease, the new concept looks to improve on this even more. Something that we are expecting to see gone from the Galaxy Note 6 concept is the Faux rear surround. The Faux material has become a trademark of the Note concept for many years now, but with the new features it is likely that the Faux surround will be replaced with a unique composite material.