Optoma NuForce HEM Lineup Aimed At Audiophiles

Optoma NuForce HEM Lineup Aimed At Audiophiles

Optoma NuForce is a brand that many of us will recognize with headphone amplifiers, DACs (digital-to-analogue converters) and their own line of earphones. Now the company announced four new multi-driver earphone models, priced from $199 to $499. The NuForce HEM2, HEM4, HEM6, and HEM8 use balanced armature drivers (the number of drivers varies per model) with a 3-way phase-coherent crossover designed to achieve linear phase performance.

The four models are all engineered based on the latest Balanced Armature Driver tech and on the attention to the finest details. These luxury high-quality earphones are perfect for those listener who demand balanced sound with crystal clear highs and explosive bass.

optoma nuforce HEM lineup

Starting with the cable, the Optoma NuForce have put together a cable – which will be hand-made – that is “20 percent silver-plated optical fiber cable (OFC) copper conductors arranged in an asymmetrical signal and ground configuration, with the ground path conductors being 20 percent larger in diameter than those of the signal path”. Optoma NuForce is known for their great sound quality, but by using Lexan material, they wanted to ensure the HEM line will be both resilient as well as designed for precise audio.

The HEM Series also comes in different driver configurations to suit everyones needs and budget. There is the NuForce HEM2 w/ two drivers total, NuForce HEM4 w/ four drivers total, NuForce HEM6 w/ six drivers total, and the NuForce HEM8 w/ eight drivers total. The higher number of drivers, the more accurate and full sounding the headphones will be, and all the versions are Hi-Res certified.