Garmin Announced Edge 820 And Edge Explore 820 Devices Include GroupTrack

Garmin Announced Edge 820 And Edge Explore 820 Devices Include GroupTrack

Garmin recently announced two cycling computers, The Edge 820 and the Edge Explore 820 with the GroupTrack, which will keep tabs on each member of your group within a ten mile radius.

With GroupTrack, you can have this same visibility, but from your handlebars. The main idea is that you can meet up or just keep digital track of your riding companions. This is very close to what Wahoo introduced with its Elemnt GPS computer.

The devices have 2.3-inch touchscreen displays, that are operational even when wet and when the rider is wearing gloves.

For GroupTrack to work, your friends must have a LiveTrack-compatible Edge computer like an Edge 1000 or Edge 520 that is paired to their smartphone. Then the Edge 820 user can see their friend on their screen. Garmin will likely add GroupTrack to the Edge 1000 at the end of 2016 or early in 2017.


Garmin’s updated range features GPS, GLONASS and an altimeter, while if paired with an Android or iOS device it will show incoming call and message notifications.

There’s 15 hours of battery life, while placing the device in a battery saving mode will boost that for seven hours.

The Edge 820 is the more accomplished of the range, allowing you to receive Vo2 Max measurements if paired with a heart rate strap or one of Garmin’s excellent fitness watches. That model will cost $400, while the Garmin is offering a bundle which includes a speed sensor, cadence sensor and the aforementioned heart rate strap for $500.

The new Edge Explore 820 will cost $350. International pricing for both devices has yet to be announced.