HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror Analyzes Your Skin

HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror Analyzes Your Skin

HiMirror just introduced a smart beauty mirror that analyzes your skin, gives you metrics, tells you what you can do to improve. The company says its mirror is like having a beauty and health consultant in your home every day. The HiMirror recommends what kind of the beauty products you should buy based on your skin condition, weather, and other factors.

HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror Features:

HiMirror is approximately 11 x 16.5 inches, and it is humidity-resistant. It can be installed in a closet, bathroom, or bedroom walkway by easily affixing it to a wall or a mirror. An integrated high-resolution camera and proprietary tech offer in-depth complexion analysis.


The 5.5-pound mirror is more cutesy than the futuristic thanks to its pink accents. It houses a 14-inch LCD screen and also has a camera sitting in the middle of a ring flash, that helps light your face for better images. This HiMirror snaps a picture of your face every day to analyze your wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots, red spots and pores. From these, it creates a personalized Skin Index Synthesis report — an evaluation of skin firmness, brightness, clarity, texture, and overall healthiness. The idea is to track how your skin changes over the time, and flag your so-called problems so you can take “early measures to improve upon your skin and achieve your beauty goals.”

Wi-Fi-connected and Bluetooth-enabled, the HiMirror can also display the local weather, sync with the Google Calendar, and also play Spotify. With the facial and voice recognition capabilities, this HiMirror can also assist multiple family members, tracking individual skin needs and recommendations.

HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror Price:

It costs $189 for the standard mirror and $259 for the device with multi-ambiance makeup light. This product is a companion for the Smart Body Scale ($79), which provides body and weight analysis and corresponding exercise solutions.