Google Play Music Is Getting A Makeover

Posted on Jan 30 2017 - 7:01pm by Collin Peterson

Google has announced the biggest overhaul of its Play Music streaming service in years. On face of it, Play Music has moved beyond the card-centric design of old, and now it shows an interface built around album art, bright colors and a vector graphics. Instead of the shaded squares, graphics now expand to fill the entire window. The Mountain View giant is currently in the process of updating its iOS, Android and the Google Play Music website with a fresh and intuitive design that leverages a machine-learning algorithm. Google reports the new algorithm is adaptive, utilizing your location, time of day, the weather, and current activities to help recommend relevant music.

Google Play Music,

Google Play Music

The new experience will be rolled out via an update to the Play Music app, which will start being available in about 62 countries across iOS, Android and web platforms this week. Users will have to option in to the new service which will personalize music based on your location and what you’re up to. For example, workout music will start up when you enter the gym, and a track serenading the sunset will play when the sun goes down and if you hit the library, soothing music will help you to focus, the blog explains.

Google also stated that catered playlists based on your past music history can be automatically downloaded for offline use, in the event you loose the connectivity. To some, the feature may appear a little intrusive, and perhaps unnecessary. Google points out that these features are entirely optional as you have to opt in to take advantage of new features.