B&W P7 Wireless Headphones Uses aptX Bluetooth Connectivity

B&W P7 Wireless Headphones Uses aptX Bluetooth Connectivity

The P7 Wireless headphones go on sale, for $400. That’s a lot, but it not only gets you Bluetooth connectivity but aptX, a codec which uses better compression than the regular old Bluetooth 4.0, it’s arguably the best Bluetooth audio solution out there right now. B&W claims that the battery life on the P7 Wireless tops out at 17 hours.

P7 Wireless headphones Design:

The circumaural (over the ear) P7 Wireless looks quite similar to its wired predecessor, which is to say, it looks stunning and available only in black. The pair features a soft leather-lined headband, and leather-lined earcups as well as earpads. Where there is not leather, there’s aluminum; the P7 Wireless looks a little like the interior of a high-end sports car.

P7 Wireless headphones

P7 Wireless headphones Features:

The P7’s aptX Bluetooth connectivity is just controlled via the power button: slide it across to turn off and on, and push it inwards to make the headphones discoverable to new devices.

Once paired with a device, these cans do not need to be made discoverable again to connect.

The headphones provide audio feedback too, by just playing a different sound when they’re being turned on, made discoverable, or turned off, in case you are connecting the P7s while still wearing them.

On the right earpad lie the controls for the volume and playback, each of which are clearly distinguished from other by the raised design of the middle button that toggles playback.

P7 Wireless headphones Connectivity:

Like all of its wire-free products, this headphones have Bluetooth aptX on board. That means they’ll happily connect to any Bluetooth source, including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, but also compatible with the higher bandwidth standard that enables for the streaming of lossless tracks.

P7 Wireless headphones Price:

For $400, this Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless sounds, looks, and feels like a luxury product.