The 42Tea Sensor Helps You Make A Perfect Cup Of Tea

The 42Tea Sensor Helps You Make A Perfect Cup Of Tea

The 42Tea have created a tiny little sensor and companion app promise to take all of the guesswork out of brewing the perfect cuppa. Simply tell it which variety of the tea you want to brew, and it’ll tell you the exact water temperature, ratio of water and tea, and brew time to get those leaves steeped to perfection. It also helps get the temperature right. Just simply drop the small sensor cube into your boiling kettle, and it’ll alert you via a notification when the water is at the perfect temp.

How It Work:

The first stage of the process involves using the app to choose what blend of tea you are planning to brew. Once you do that, your smartphone will tell you how much water to put in the kettle, but before you actually hit the ‘on’ switch, you will toss in the sensor too. This device, which is about the size of a 2×2 Duplo brick, will monitor water’s temperature and tell you when to deactivate the kettle. Because, fact fans, the boiling water is often far too hot for the delicate tea leaves.


When the sensor detects all the water has been poured out, then it starts a countdown timer to let you know when it’s time to take out the leaves. Tea that has been steeped for too long tends to end up being concentrated and bitter. Granted not everyone really cares about how they boil their tea, but if you’re one of them, this could be a handy gadget to have.

42Tea Price:

42Tea is expected to go on sale toward the end of the year, In Europe, it’ll retail for €48. In addition, you can pick up a tea caddy that can hold 50 grams of tea and comes with a programmable NFC lid. Should you wish, you can simply drop the sensor onto the lid of the caddy and it will automatically identify which tea you’re about to brew. In addition, the company is also producing a wooden frame which will make the brick look nice while sat on your kitchen countertop. No word on how much those will cost — at least not yet — but company should announce prices in the near future.