Technology Used by the British Military

Technology Used by the British Military

The most important task of the British Army it to protect the welfare and interests of the United Kingdom both at home and abroad. The British Army also helps the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Because of the enormity of its power, its equipment is constantly being modified and updated.


British MilitaryThe British Army and Overseas Operations

The British Army is currently engaged in several operational duties across the globe. Some of the work encompasses peacekeeping duties and huge support is offered to humanitarian aid. Two other areas of significant importance are, curtailing the international drugs trade and enforcing anti-terrorism plots.

Military Power Supplies

The power supplies used by the British Army will be similar in design and technology to those used in lots of other industries. The main difference is that they are produced with increased durability, ruggedness and reliability. They are required to perform in a variety of harsh climates and terrains. It is imperative that they can withstand long durations of use with minimal maintenance. The production of military equipment nowadays must pass the extremely high standards of quality control required.

Some of the Areas Military Power Supplies Provide Exceptional Performance

  • Because of tactical requirements noise reduction is often needed.
  • Military power supplies will need protection from lightning strikes during storms.
  • Military vehicles and aircraft have three operational modes which are; normal, abnormal and emergency. Power supplies will need to support each of these modes.
  • Military power supplies must combat extreme temperatures such as; below -40 degrees Celsius and above 80 degrees.
  • They need to be able to handle great shocks and vibrations and not just those that might occur on a regular aeroplane flight or any other normal journey. There is also the presence of artillery fire to consider in these situations.

Equipment and Vehicles Used by the British Army

The British Army is one of the best trained in the world. Whether they arrive by parachute, armoured vehicle or boat, they are highly trained for any possible terrain they encounter. Some equipment a soldier may carry will include; a combat shotgun or a general-purpose machine gun. A heavy machine gun will be used from a mounted strategic position. Some of the helicopters used in modern warfare will include the Apache, the Wildcat, Squirrel, Gazelle, or the Lynx. The Apache helicopter is the most technologically sophisticated in the world at the present time.