Sony Announced The Much Leaked Slimmer Version Of The PlayStation 4

Sony Announced The Much Leaked Slimmer Version Of The PlayStation 4

Sony has finally announced a new slim version of PlayStation 4 during its event in New York City. The machine is both smaller and a more power-efficient, but it adds no support for 4K video. However, all PlayStation 4 machines will get HDR compatibility via a firmware update that coming later this month.

The new PS4 Slim is exactly what the name implies; it’s a sleeker and slimmer version of the original PlayStation 4 hardware. This is the first time that the original 2013 PS4 console has been given a redesign. It edges are rounder with its chassis squished down and squared-off making it 30% smaller and 25% lighter than the original.

PlayStation 4

Aside from the size difference, the PS4 Slim is pretty much the same. It comes out with the exact same internal hardware found on the original PlayStation 4 which means it plays all of the same games similarly. This also means that there is no 4K support. If gamers are looking for that, they should just wait for the PlayStation 4 Pro that will arrive on Nov. 10.

The slim PS4 also comes with a slightly updated version of DualShock 4 controller with a redesigned light bar that’s now visible from the front of the touchpad of the controller so you can see that which player you are without flipping the controller over. The controller’s buttons and joysticks are also lighter in color.

However, the best part of the announcement is that you do not have to wait too long to get your hands on the smaller PS4. It’ll be available on September 15 for $299.