Ranking the Definitive Video Game Franchises of All Time

Ranking the Definitive Video Game Franchises of All Time

Franchises have become an important part of video game culture. As far back as we can remember, successful games were given the green light for sequels that then evolved into entire series. Some of them failed to live up to the hype. Nothing more than money grabbing attempts to cash in on otherwise good games. And, as well we know, you can’t capture lightning in a bottle.

Super MarioOthers, though, found even more success. With every follow-up came another epic journey, just as enjoyable as the last. Here at TechnoStuffs, we want to pay homage to some of the best video game franchises of all time. The ones that built a legacy, kept us coming back for more, and didn’t disappoint. Here’s what made the top five.

  1. Resident Evil

There are few games that can claim to have innovated an entirely new genre, but that’s what helps Resident Evil crack the top five. Its release in the mid-90s changed the landscape of video games – and not just the horror genre. The success of the franchise has even spawned a series of movies that were successful in their own right.

  1. Metal Gear Solid

The release of The Phantom Pain this year, widely recognised as the game of the year, proved that interest in Metal Gear Solid is still high. Since its first release in the late 1980s, fans of the stealthy Solid Snake have fawned over each new adventure. Managing to remain culturally relevant is a huge part of what makes MGS clock in at #4.

  1. Final Fantasy

The game that set the standard for all future RPGs, it could be argued that no other in its genre can measure up to Final Fantasy. With continuing releases even today, the popularity of the brand remains as high as ever. Each game bears the Final Fantasy name, but takes place in a different world entirely. It’s that choice that has kept the game refreshing, nearly 30 years since its initial release. You can play the latest installment of Final Fantasy at SEAGM.com.

  1. The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda changed the way people viewed video games. In contrast to the 2D side scrollers of the time, Zelda bucked tradition. Upon its release in 1986, the game introduced the open world innovation for the first time. And, along with the ability to save at any point in time, inspired the way video games were created. The game has certainly lived up to its name, becoming a legend in its own right.

  1. Super Mario

Has anything come to define video game culture more than this little pioneering Italian plumber? He may have made his first appearance in the 1983 release Mario Bros. But it was the strength of the game’s sequel that propelling Mario and Luigi into mainstream consciousness. That game, to date, is the second best-selling video game of all time and is credited with reviving a dying industry. Without him, there’s a good chance none of us would be playing video games today.