You Have No Idea How Much Tech Has Changed These Industries

You Have No Idea How Much Tech Has Changed These Industries

Technology is the gift that keeps giving. It evolves and grows each passing year. Every time it does we are led to new possibilities and advances. Tech changes the world. In the hands of the consumer, it makes life easier and more interesting. It allows us to keep connected to people we would otherwise lose touch with. Just think about how many people you would not be speaking to if you couldn’t keep up to date with them online.


For business owners, the story is more or less the same. Technology has allowed even the smallest business the chance at going international. It’s given companies a shot at competing on a bigger market. Not to mention the fact that technology can help keep the costs of running a company low.

But we think that technology has changed and impacted certain industries more than others. You might be surprised by just how bigger part technology plays in these key businesses.

Industrial, Building And Construction

You might be surprised to learn just how much technology has affected the construction and building industry. If you look in from the outside, it doesn’t look as though there is a lot of tech involved at all. In fact, it seems that almost all of the work is completed by hand or machine. While machines are getting quite advanced, we wouldn’t necessarily paint them with the same brush as other pieces of tech.

That said there is a lot of tech in the background that you don’t and wouldn’t ever see. We think most construction owners would agree it plays a vital part. For instance, most construction sites now use routers. This allows them to keep an internet connection and keep in contact with employees out on the job. In the past, this wouldn’t have been possible. Routers were too flimsy and easy to break. They wouldn’t have been able to withstand the difficult environments construction workers face. Now there are tough routers made built to withstand harsh environments. That’s not the only tech construction workers use either.

It used to be incredibly difficult to protect a construction site. To put up gates was an expensive process but it was important to keep people off the property. Particularly, if the site was dangerous. Now, business owners can buy portable alarms that are easy to set up and take down. It stops people being able to easily trespass on the site.


We think it’s true to say that if most people thought about a library, they wouldn’t consider it to be a place of advanced technology. But for the librarian tech is playing a vital part in making their lives, so much easier. This is due to the latest software and programmes librarians use to keep the place in order. The best programmes allow easy transferral of data and make keeping track of stock effortless. As well as this they can quickly access the expenditure, and all the software can be easily integrated with your intranet connection. That’s certainly a load off the mind of any librarian. But it’s not just behind the desk where technology has impacted the library.

Now, libraries often have the best computer systems and the fastest connections. If you’re a tourist, and you’re in a new town, all you need to do is head to a library. You’ll find everything you need to know about where you’re visiting.


Farming is another industry that we don’t associate with technology. We often have a romanticised view of workers out on the field or milking the cattle. But tech has helped the farming industry come into the modern age. It’s also been necessary for farmers to use the latest tech to adapt. With the prices of their product slashed, farmers have had no choice but to find a way to cut costs. This has lead to more intensive farming methods and cuts out the manual labour part of farming.

You can look at dairy farming as an example. In the past farmers would have a maximum herd of twenty. Now they could have as many as two hundred and fifty. You might think that’s an awful lot of milking to get done. But now it’s all completed using a machine with laser scanning systems. Conditioning is used to get the cow to milk. Once it is by the machine, laser tech is used to let the machine know where the cow is. The farmer still has jobs to do, but his life has certain been made easier with tech.

We hope you see now how useful tech is for modern businesses. It’s found and used, even in the most unlikely of places.