BenQ W1110 Home Projector: Full HD

BenQ W1110 Home Projector: Full HD

The W1110 is BenQ’s most recent moderate home stimulation projector. As common with BenQ, it utilizes a solitary chip DLP projection motor, which for this situation is helped and abetted by a 6 speed, six-portion shading haggle Full HD pixel number. Likewise present is BenQ’s Smart Eco programmed picture improvement framework, which changes the projector’s light yield to upgrade contrast and also, obviously, lessening the projector’s running commotion.

BenQ W1110

Likewise with most projectors, the BenQ W1110 is very much a charming looking unit. Likewise with the as of late tried BenQ W2000, it includes a bigger skeleton than a year ago’s BenQ models to oblige a superior speaker framework and, all the more critically, better warmth venting.

Despite everything it looks great on a foot stool, however, with its lustrous white completion, silver front plate and wonderfully adjusted edges. While the BenQ W1110 does not gloat the Cinematic Color component that demonstrated so powerful in the W2000, it is still an extremely very much determined projector for its cash.

Its Full HD determination can’t be underestimated at the sub £700 value point, while its utilization of a 6 portion (RGBRGB), 6 velocity shading wheel indicates genuine devotion to the home amusement/video cause. Positively we would expect a shading wheel, for instance, this to convey more characteristic, realistic hues and less of DLP’s supposed rainbow impact issue. This is the place stripes of immaculate red, green and blue can be found in your fringe vision.

Two HDMIs will furnish most clients with abundant video associations, but on the other hand there’s a controlled USB port where you could include a gushing dongle, for example, Google’s Chromecast or Amazon Fire. There’s additionally composite, part and D-SUB PC inputs and a 12V trigger port for, say, starting up a mechanized screen.

You can likewise include a discretionary remote video framework that gives you a chance to shaft Full HD video and sound from your source to the projector, without the requirement for any links. This is dependably a helpful component given the challenges of interfacing a source to a projector that is some separation away.

There are additionally a couple sound related jacks, mirroring the way that the BenQ W1110 like most home stimulation projectors nowadays includes an inherent sound framework to spare you having to dependably locate an outside framework to which you can join your video sources.

The BenQ W1110 is genuinely all around supplied with both physical and programming setup helps. Especially amazing on the physical side is the vicinity of a vertical picture movement wheel, with which you can move the picture up or down optically to offer you some assistance with getting it in the perfect spot on your screen. The degree of the moving isn’t incredible, yet finding any optical vertical picture shift at all is essentially unheard at this cost.


The W1110 has a lot of elements and execution qualities to make it an extraordinary worth advertising.