Top Tips For Negotiating A Great Deal For A Used Car

Top Tips For Negotiating A Great Deal For A Used Car

Everyone wants a brand new car because they are shiny and sparkly and because used cars are old and dull. It is human nature to want a new car over a used car, but it may not be a responsible decision. When it comes to used cars, they are just as durable, just as good-looking, and a whole lot cheaper, so why would you want a new model? If you are a convert, or if your finances dictate that you need to buy second-hand, you will want to negotiate the best possible deal. Just because they are cheaper to begin with doesn’t mean you cannot cut the cost even further.

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Make Sure You The Price Beforehand

A trick that sales reps like to use is to start high and then come down to the initial retail price. That way, they look as if they are doing you a great deal when they are tricking you into paying the full price. To avoid this problem, always make sure you have the price of the car that interests you before the negotiation proceedings begin. With the price in your mind, you will be able to tell when they are trying to con you, and when they are trying to help.

Know What You Want

Another sneaky trick is to show you a car that has all the accessories, which is obviously a lot higher in price. Then, they start to take away the accessories and lower the price, too. The price falls dramatically, and you think they are doing you a solid. In fact, they are pulling the wool over your eyes because you only want certain accessories in the first place. The accessories that you do want are the ones that you want to barter over the price, so keep them in mind. When they start to take off the needless gadgets, let them know that were not born yesterday!

Go To A Specialist Garage

The Hilton Garage is a dealer that has a very reputable standing when it comes to selling second-hand cars. These dealerships are the best places to start when you are looking for a cheap car because you know that they will not try and rip you off for their benefit. Plus, they deal in secondhand and used cars, and that is a bonus. The experience and expertise they have in the used car industry are invaluable as long as you trust them. For more info, check out their website and come to your conclusion.

Don’t Show Emotion

Sales reps feed off emotion. As soon as they see that you like a particular car, they will pull out all of the tricks in the book. Their selling techniques are an attempt to force you into making a rash decision and to buy the car outright at that very moment. Whether you like or hate a car, you need to put on your best poker face to keep the wolves at bay.

Shop Online

The Internet is the best place to find a bargain because of the competition. Before you look anywhere else, look on the Internet first.