A Beginner’s Guide To Cloud Computing

A Beginner’s Guide To Cloud Computing

Technology is all about trends. Certain things become very popular for a while, and everyone starts using them. One of the biggest tech trends this year has been cloud computing. It seems as though everyone and their dog has started using the cloud. Every day people use it; businesses use it. Some of you probably use it without realising you’re using it!

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But, what is the cloud and how do people use it? In this piece, I’m going to give you a simple guide to everything you need to know about cloud computing.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing may sound like a complex thing, but it really isn’t. To put it simply, it revolves around using the internet to store your data and do your work, rather than doing this on a computer hard drive. This is the reason people love the cloud so much. It means you can store your data on a remote server and not have it clogging up your hard drive. You can access programs via the cloud and not have to download them to your PC. It’s super convenient, and I haven’t even touched on the best bit yet. You can access anything in the cloud at any time, from any place. If you have internet access on your device, you’ll be able to see your stuff in the cloud. It’s brilliant!

How Can You Access The Cloud?

The cloud is basically a bunch of online servers, so to use it you need to gain access to them. How can you do this? By finding a cloud computing provider! There are plenty of companies out there that provide this type of service. You can create an account and get a certain amount of cloud storage and access to some of their web-based applications. For business owners, you’ll be looking at providers that give you lots of storage and applications to use. You’ll want to find some of the cloud computing providers 2016 and compare them all against one another. There are some that only offer paid services for business owners and don’t give a free option to the general public. So, it’s up to you to decide what you need the cloud for before you find a provider. If it’s for general use, look for a free provider. If it’s for business use, you’re better off paying for a proper service.

What Are The Most Common Ways People Use The Cloud?

We touched upon this briefly when I explained what cloud computing was. But, there are many ways that people will use the cloud. The most common of which is for storage. People will backup their data to the cloud, so it’s safe and secure. In fact, many people do this on their mobile devices when they take pictures. Businesses will also store data on the cloud, and it’s a convenient way of accessing it and working from different locations.

And there you have it, this has been a quick guide to cloud computing. Hopefully, things make more sense now, and you can see why everyone is crazy about the cloud!