The $249 Skybuds Are One Of The Latest Entries, Making A Debut At Best Buy

The $249 Skybuds Are One Of The Latest Entries, Making A Debut At Best Buy

While the Apple AirPods remain in development, a number of brands have been promoting their own truly wireless earbuds. One such device aiming to fill that gap is Skybuds ($249, available in three color options) – these are individual earbuds (one for each ear) that provide Bluetooth wireless connectivity for your devices. While the other earphone systems have a connected strap that usually goes behind the head, this new Skybuds are free of such a cable (just like the Air Pods).

Skybuds Wireless Earbuds Design:

The plastic earbuds are sweat proof and water-resistant, which makes them suitable for the workouts. They come with 3 different size silicone ear tips that you can replace to get a snug fit. The button on the side is just limited to answering and declining a call, or playing and pausing music.


Skybuds Wireless Earbuds Setup/Pairing:

The initial setup and pairing process with the Skybuds is incredibly user friendly with a pleasant sounding voice delivering audio instructions for setup when you first turn them on. It is the usual Bluetooth headphone pairing process otherwise, meaning that you should see them appear within the Bluetooth tab in Settings.

Once you have paired once, the earbuds should pair automatically with your device as long as they are on and Bluetooth is enabled on your device.

A companion app you can easily download from the App Store lets you see charge levels of earbuds and the charging case itself, as well as reinitiate the pairing process.

Like most other cord-free earbuds, these make up for somewhat limited battery life with a portable charging case that extends your approximately 4 hour battery life to 24 hours while on-the-go. In other words, as long as you’re not listening for longer than 4 hour periods, and store them in the charging case in between listening, you will be able to get all-day or multiple days out of use before having to plug into a wall.

Skybuds Wireless Earbuds Price:

You can buy them for $249 now from Best Buy. They come in nimbus, pearl and charcoal color options.