PlayStation VR Headsets Natively Support YouTube’s 360-degree Video Content

PlayStation VR Headsets Natively Support YouTube’s 360-degree Video Content

Gaming-focused headset PlayStation VR has a large number of 360-degree video apps available on the PSN Store. However, what’s remains missing is YouTube. That appears to be changing now. According to reports from UploadVR and others, a latest version of the YouTube too for PS4 has added support for the fledgling virtual reality accessory.

YouTube version 1.09, which seems to be slowly rolling out, enables users to select between ‘normal’ or ‘PSVR’ versions of the app at the launch. Once updated the peripheral becomes compatible with the range of flatscreen and surround video content.

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PlayStation VR

The update gives the PSVR a heads-up on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Users of the headsets must use virtual desktop software in order to watch 360-degree content in a web browser.

Previously, the only way to watch the YouTube’s array of 360-degree content on PSVR was to download the video to a USB stick and play from the PS4’s media player.

Those hoping to download the update can run the ‘Check for Update’ process, but Google and Sony are yet to comment or officially announce the rollout.

However, there is a reports that some users are reporting quality issues. The problem is the possibly linked to the fact that the videos themselves max out at 1080p, and the image has to be stretched across a 100 degree field of view. The result? Resolution of around 354p.

There are already other 360 degree video apps available for PSVR.