RevolCam Phone Lens Kit Allows Any Phone Turn Into A Powerful Camera

RevolCam Phone Lens Kit Allows Any Phone Turn Into A Powerful Camera

Smartphone camera accessories aren’t hard to locate — but a brand new product is claiming to reinvent phone images by means of integrating now not simply swappable lenses, but a light and a selfie reflect, too. RevolCam, a phone accessory with a accepted match, became a fully funded Kickstarter venture in less than 5 hours and now has almost 10 times the unique investment goal.

RevolCam Phone Lens Kit Design

The RevolCam is a flexible and customary smartphone lens kit that works with any phone in the market. The phone lens package measures 73.4 x 37.6 x 39.4mm and weighs 46.6g. As proven within the pictures, the lens package suggests off an extremely compact and lightweight design that permits you to take it everywhere with you.


RevolCam Phone Lens Kit Features

The phone lens kit functions a 3-in-1 multi-lens machine that consists of a 110-degree wide lens, a 160-degree fisheye and a 20X macro lens, so you can use them to bring your phonegraphy to a new level. Moreover, the RevoLens layout lets in you to effects pick out suitable lens amongst them in a second, and the lenses are routinely targeted for a super healthy regardless of which one you pick.

Furthermore, the phone lens kit also capabilities a removable LED light that permits you to seize fascinating selfies or group images even in low light conditions, and 230 brightness degrees offer a customizable light for extraordinary conditions. In addition, built-in selfie mirror is designed for great selfies.

RevolCam Phone Lens Kit Price

The group in the back of RevolCam has successfully raised sufficient fund for the product on Kickstarter. You may pledge $29 to preorder the generic phone lens kit. It will be expected to be shipped in November 2017.