How To Care for Silicon Wafers

How To Care for Silicon Wafers

Silicon wafers make the world (of technology) go round. When the invention of the silicon wafer was introduced to engineers, they were finally able to perform different processes of moving electrical currents through a circuit with more reliability than ever before. Silicon wafers play a massive role and are a hot commodity in technology and electronics today, so what happens when batches go wrong and are deemed unusable?

What Are Silicon Wafers?

First, it’s important to know exactly what silicon wafers are and where they’re used. In the world of electronics, silicon wafers are a crucial piece of equipment that make many pieces of technology function. Cell phones, laptop computers, smart devices and other technologies that are used in daily life harness the power of these wafers. With so many companies reliant on silicon wafers, it’s easy to see why they are an essential addition to the industry. They come in various sizes, but are mostly circular in shape and flat in area. They are placed inside a piece of technology and essentially help electricity to penetrate the necessary layers of the device to make the electrical currents run properly.

Can You Reclaim a Silicon Wafer?

Yes! If you’re looking to save money on silicon wafers, consider using a process called silicon wafer polishing. Rather than trashing rejected or faulty silicon wafers (or worse yet, using them anyway), send them in to a service that polishes the wafer and assists in its functionality. By keeping the basic frame and form of the silicon wafer, those who reclaim the wafers strip them down and rebuild them in a way that saves companies both time and money. Polishers are able to salvage the silicon wafer and supply them back to the market in a reliable and fast manner.

Is Polishing a Silicon Wafer Efficient?

Polishing a silicon wafer is a fast, efficient process that can usually be done in a day. After sending in your silicon wafer to a company that polishes and reclaims wafers, you can expect a fully functioning set of silicon back in your hands as soon as possible. If you choose to polish your unusable silicon wafers, you are saving money and resources in comparison to throwing them away and starting from scratch.

Silicon wafers are essential to the functionality of so many pieces of machinery that you may not even realize. Choosing polishing over trashing is an effective and conscientious decision that should be made when dealing with broken silicon wafers.