How Your I.T. Capacity Can Scale with Your Business

How Your I.T. Capacity Can Scale with Your Business

During the first years of operation, a start-up company will undoubtedly experience unexpected growth. Whether your company turns out be the next biggest thing, or itappears you were initially overambitious; one thing that both types of companies need is to make sure that the technology solutions behind them can scale with their new business model.

I.T. Capacity Can Scale with Your Business

Web-Based Solutions

If too many people try to access your website at the same time, your website could crash or run very slowly under the heavy load. Although the idea of this many people being interested in your product or service might initially seem great, if your websitefails to deal with large numbers of requests you could be missing out on opportunities. One of the ways you can avoid this is to use a content delivery network (CDN), like Microsoft Azure or Amazon CloudFront. These products use a cloud-based scaling service that’s designed to ensure your customers can access your content no matter how high the traffic level is.

Cloud-based platforms like these are also a useful way to handle data storage. Cloud storage providers like Microsoft or Google are able to offer businesses plans at a reduced cost that can be easily customized to match your current needs. Most contracts start at 1TB of data for around $5 per month.

Server Side

That doesn’t mean that they’re aren’t potential problems with cloud-based storage solutions though. In fact, in recent years there’s been several high-profile cases of services being hacked, and many experts still recommend that you backup any critical data offline. Not only does this provide you with extra security, but it also means you’ll still be able to access to your data while you’re offline

Many businesses opt for a file server to act as the central repository for their employee’s data. Retailers like Pinnacle Data stock a variety of models from well-known brands, and when connected over a shared internet connection, it will still be possible for everyone on staff to access the information they need. However, in order to prevent potential foul play, many business owners choose to prevent the majority of employees or certain departments from accessing particularly sensitive information through password protection. To make sure that you can accommodate the data of future employees, make sure that you choose a model which has an easily upgradeable storage capacity.

While the future can sometimes seem a long way away, you’ll need to keep a keen eye on what’s ahead if you want your business to stick around. Take a look at some more of our tips for growing a successful business.