Phonejoy Gamepad 2: High Quality Design

Phonejoy Gamepad 2: High Quality Design

Phonejoy Gamepad 2 is a pocket sized controller that can be expanded to fit your smartphone, which it connects to via a Bluetooth link, turning your handset into something more akin to a dedicated portable games console. It has an internal rechargeable battery which lasts around 14 hours per charge, and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


It implies the same expanding mechanism which allows you to insert your handset in the middle, happily accepting phones with screens of up to 6 inches in size. When your device is in situ the Phonejoy 2 clamps around it firmly thanks to its rubber grippers by removing any fears you might’ve that it’d topple out during use.

The Phonejoy 2 does not differ all that much from its forerunner. In fact, to the untrained eye they look practically indistinguishable from one another. The design is the same, boasting a amazingly ergonomic casing which is comfy to use for prolonged periods.

The analogue sticks are easily the biggest external change seen in the Phonejoy 2, and are a notable amendment over what has gone before.

Because they were raised from the casing they’re easier to use, and the only complaint we can level is that the disc on the top of the stick rotates when used, and this can sometimes lead to your finger slipping off the concave surface.

The new Phonejoy model makes use of Bluetooth 3.0, while the original model had 2.1. On paper that means faster response time, but to be honest we never had many complaints with the first device in this regard.

The Phonejoy 2 has its own companion app which offers a curated storefront packed with compatible titles. Selecting one pushes you through to the Google Play store where you can make your purchase.

Phonejoy 2 is an amendment on what is already an excellent gaming controller.