High-Tech Safety Features To Look For In Your Next Car

High-Tech Safety Features To Look For In Your Next Car

Though there are millions of cars on the road every hour of the day, the accident rate is relatively low. Many people avoid accidents altogether thanks to the advanced warning systems that we find in modern cars. When a collision occurs, the occupants of the vehicle have a better chance of survival than at any time before thanks to ingenious engineering and safety features.


Of course, there are impacts that are not survivable; the human body cannot withstand the forces involved. Though some fatal collisions are at slow speeds, most safety experts would agree that you have less chance of surviving a high-speed crash.

So what systems have the engineers developed to keep us safe? Let’s take a look at some of the devices that can save lives.

Cruise Control

Long journeys can become monotonous, and it helps if the car maintains its speed for you. The problem with standard cruise control is that your car can creep up on the vehicle in front. Modern radar technology now enables your vehicle to maintain the gap by automatically  increasing or decreasing the speed of your car.


The guys at Sandles car supermarket say that airbags have saved thousands of lives since their introduction. The ability of the systems to distinguish an accident from other knocks and movements is testament to the brilliance of the engineers that invented them. Depending on the model, a vehicle could have a full complement of front and side airbags for every occupant.

Lane Deviation Warnings

We are all aware of how driving can make you fall asleep at the wheel; it is a common problem. Anyone who has ever closed their eyes for a second before waking with a start will understand how easy it can happen. Lane deviation systems keep an eye on the road, and if the vehicle begins to drift, it will sound a warning.

Automatic Braking

How many times have you had to perform an emergency stop when you lost concentration for a moment and did not notice that the car in front had applied its brakes? Automatic braking systems will apply when a collision is imminent. They track the vehicle in front with radar and calculate the closing speed with remarkable accuracy. It is one system, in my opinion that will be in all cars in the future. The radar systems are so good that they can even detect a pedestrian and help to prevent fatalities.

Tyre Pressures

Though modern vehicles must meet safety standards with high-speed blowouts, the conditions of the road will have an effect on the stability of them. Tyre pressure monitors can give you advanced warning of failure in one of the tyres in plenty of time to pull over. There are many reasons for a drop in pressure; you must find the cause. Always keep the pressures optimum!

Blind Spot

The blind spot of a vehicle presents dangers. Often we do not know it is there until we cause a collision. Side-assist systems give an audible warning if you are about to collide with another vehicle that you have not seen.

Hopefully, it will not be long before all of these safety systems and more are standard kit in all new cars. I think most people would be happy to pay a premium for the best avoidance systems and protection. It gives you peace of mind when your loved ones are out and about, and you can’t put a price on that.