Choose A Kia Next Time You Buy

Choose A Kia Next Time You Buy

As car companies go, Kia Motors is pretty young. It only started making cars in 1974. That makes it a lot younger than some of the famous American and European brands. What’s more, they weren’t making cars from 1974 to the present day. They had a break for five years between 1981 and 1986, thanks to the Korean government. That’s not much history, is it?


In the twenty-first century, Kia has focused its energy on the European market. Anyone who drives in Europe will have noticed the sudden arrival of Kia on European roads. Kia has also sold cars in the USA since 1994. They’ve built their brand in a short space of time in the West. Today, a Kia is an option for anyone who wants a decent family vehicle. They even come with the holy seal of approval – the Pope’s taken a trip in a Kia!

Buyers may not think of Kia when they look for a new car. That’s understandable. We tend to go with what we know. We may be more familiar with the recognisable brands of the past. That’s why we buy Fords, Vauxhalls or other European equivalents. That’s not such a good idea these days. Older manufacturers are more expensive than up-and-coming challengers. You’re paying for the familiarity of that badge and brand name. In reality, you aren’t getting the quality that you’d expect. Big car companies are cutting costs across the board. That means that the build quality of their cars has suffered. Smaller, more modern companies can adapt to the new economy better than the old ones. They’re able to offer great cars at affordable prices. That is true of Kia.

If you look at Kia’s product range, you’ll find a wide selection of fantastic vehicles. The Kia Picanto, for instance, is an excellent small car. A Fiat 500 or a Ford Fiesta may seem tempting. Don’t let those vehicles draw you in – they aren’t worth the money. The Kia is a worthy competitor to any alternative. It’s an efficient and fun city runabout. The same is true of Kia’s family car, the Rio. Family hatchbacks don’t get any better than the Kia Rio. They’re well-made and can adapt to different situations with ease. That adaptability is a must for a family vehicle. Eco-friendly customers should look at the Kia Ceed. It’s a great alternative to Toyota’s expensive Prius. All Kia’s models are cheaper than their better-known rivals. The Korean company haven’t compromised on build quality or performance. Instead, they offer good-quality cars at sensible prices. You could save even more money by buying a used model from GK Group. A Kia is the perfect choice for any money-conscious buyer.

It’s silly to assume that the familiar names offer the best cars. That’s just not the case anymore. Globalisation means that we’re able to browse a wider range of potential vehicles. That’s why we can get our hands on a Kia these days. They’re the pick of the bunch – cheap, tough and well-made. Nobody should overlook a Kia next time they buy a new vehicle.