Waze Now Lets You Custom Record Your Own Driving Instructions

Waze Now Lets You Custom Record Your Own Driving Instructions

Google-owned popular navigation app, Waze has been updated with support for letting you record your own turn-by-turn audio. To take advantage of this new update, just head over to your Waze app and find the settings panel, tap ‘Sound & voice’, and you will find the option to record a custom voice. But the bad news is that it is currently available on Android and there is no announcement on when it’ll be arrived to iOS. You can also review other popular app at Auto xpedia.

Of course, Waze is no stranger to bringing varied voices to its app. Mr. T and T-Pain have both lent their voices to the cause, as Waze app continues to make its navigation services more of a social, new experience. But as much fun as it may be to have T-Pain’s autotuned voice tell you to make a left at the next stoplight, there may be satisfying something about hearing your own voice in such an authoritative manner. After all, we all looking for some omnipotence somewhere in our lives?

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I have really no idea why anyone ever want to use this feature, beyond adapting directions to a language Waze does not support, but it could make for some good pranks on family and friends if you can get a hold of their phone for 5 minutes to record everything.

With Voice Recorder turned on, user have the opt to record their own voice (or get a loved one or friend to record their voice) for 39 different driving instructions and road warnings. Any that you do not record will use the default navigation voice.

Try out Waze’s new voice recorder update for yourself and let us know how it works down in the comments.