Need A Luxurious City Car? Look No Further Than The MINI Hatch!

Need A Luxurious City Car? Look No Further Than The MINI Hatch!

Many people assume that luxury cars have to be vehicles like executive saloons and SUVs. What they don’t realise is that one can enjoy premium motoring in a compact form! A classic example is the current generation MINI Hatch. As you may know, MINI is a brand owned by German car maker BMW.

MINI HatchAs you might expect, BMW wouldn’t take over a car brand without making it more of a premium offering. Despite one’s wealth, there will be one thing that money can’t buy: streets with no traffic on them! If you live in a city centre location, it makes sense to own a city car.

Let’s face it; parking spaces will be at a premium. Manoeuvring between narrow lanes of traffic can also be cumbersome in a large vehicle. The MINI Hatch is the perfect solution for those seeking a luxurious car in a small form. Here’s why you need to get excited about this particular model:

It’s deceptively large

One bugbear people have about buying city cars is the lack of cabin space. Did you know that’s not the case with the MINI Hatch? The latest incarnation is actually larger than previous BMW-built MINI models.

Still, even if you opted for an older generation “BMW” MINI, there’s one thing you won’t fail to notice. The car offers plenty of room inside the cabin! That means taller drivers and passengers won’t have to suffer when sitting down. The lower centre of gravity also makes it easy to get in and out of the car.

It has all the gadgets one would expect in a premium car

Some people would look at a MINI Hatch and assume they offer a spartan interior like its ancestors. One only has to sit inside the car to spot the plethora of technology on offer!

First of all, there is the keyless starting system. A trip computer and Bluetooth connectivity also come as standard on the “One” trim. For those seeking a more luxurious option, there is a raft of options that one can enjoy.

Examples include leather interior, dual-zone climate control, automatic parking and more. It’s worth talking to CooperMini about the endless array of options available to you!

It has that premium BMW feel to it

There’s no denying that BMW engineering input heavily influenced the MINI. From the moment you open the driver’s door to the time you start driving, one thing’s for certain. You are the owner of a premium city car.

The MINI is perhaps the only vehicle in its class. Sure, one could opt for other city cars like the Fiat 500. But, nothing can rival the luxury and premium build quality of the MINI.

There’s also luxury performance on offer

One thing luxury car owners desire from their vehicles is high performance. It’s a good thing BMW own the MINI marque. That’s because all their engines are capable power plants!

The MINI Cooper S and the JCW variants offer the most power from such a compact form. In short, the MINI Hatch is the premium city car you need if you demand luxury in a small format