How To Save Money On BMW Car Maintenance

How To Save Money On BMW Car Maintenance

Everyone knows that BMW is a premium German car marque. With hundreds of different models on offer, there’s a Beemer for everyone out there! Are you contemplating buying a BMW for your next car?


If so, you might be a little worried about the cost of BMW car maintenance. It’s true that BMWs aren’t the cheapest vehicles in the world to maintain. But, they are far more affordable than the likes of Porsche or Maserati, for instance!

Still, you’re doubtless wondering how to keep your future Beemer’s servicing costs down. Be sure to take on board the following tips:

Don’t buy a model ready for the scrap heap

All too often I see people paying bargain prices for BMWs only to discover they’ve bought a lemon! Let’s face it; BMW cars aren’t always “cheap” to buy unless there’s something wrong with them.

Part of the deal is spending more cash than you would at the time of purchase. But, the upshot is that you’ll end up with an example that got looked after by its former owners. It also pays to use reputable dealers like A1 Carriages instead of places that are likely to go bust soon!

Only use BMW dealerships for specialist repairs

There will be times where even your friendly local car repair garage can’t fix your BMW. If that’s the case, you’ve no choice but to use a BMW dealer to repair your pride and joy.

Some people assume they should use BMW for all kinds of servicing. Well, that’s fine if you’ve got deep pockets. But if you’re a savvy car owner, you’ll only use BMW if you have to do so.

I can guarantee there will be plenty of independent garages you can use near to where you live. And I’ll bet some are even BMW specialists!

Do some work yourself

Don’t mind getting your hands dirty? It’s possible to carry out a range of maintenance jobs yourself at home. Sure, you might not wish to carry out a cylinder head gasket change, for instance.

But simpler jobs like oil and filter changes are something anyone can do. All you’ll need is a few basic (and affordable) tools to carry out the work. You’ll save a heap of money, and you’ll learn more about how your car works in the process.

Sign up to some BMW forums

The magic of the Internet is that it allows you to get help and advice on maintaining your BMW for free! There are hundreds of BMW forums online, and you can start using them without paying a penny.

Find a popular online community in your area and sign up to it. That way, you’ll enjoy learning about your car. And, you’ll also get to make some new online friends at the same time.

Look online for genuine BMW parts

It’s likely you may wish to use only BMW parts on your pride and joy. And who can blame you? You might not know this, but it’s possible to get those parts for less. How? By searching online, of course!

Examples of places to seek out cheaper BMW include:


Good luck!