How To Protect Your Car From Winter Weather

How To Protect Your Car From Winter Weather

Living in a snowy climate can wreak havoc on your car. Salt, snow, ice and hail can easily wear your car out without the proper care and precautions taken.

Avoid the Roads During a Storm

It’s easy to lose control on snowy and icy roads, which can lead to an accident that damages your car or your body. Deep snow can cause damage to the undercarriage of your car by spraying salty water into hard to reach places. The salt corrodes the metal and it starts to rust. After a nasty storm with hail, you will need to schedule an appointment for hail storm vehicle repair Denver CO as soon as possible to prevent rust buildup, touch up paint and fix dents.

Don’t Park on the Street

Before a storm hits, city trucks will make their rounds with a salt spray and after a storm the plows need to come through. To prevent costly damage from these passing vehicles, find a private driveway to park in if possible. If that’s not available, pull as close to the curb as possible and take other actions to avert destruction.

Wash Your Car Often

One of the best ways to care for your car in the winter is to wash it regularly. Debris and salt create layers of built-up dirt on your car quickly. Make sure you wash the undercarriage well to prevent rust from forming.

Use a Protective Paint Film

This millimeter thick and durable layer of film prevents damage to your paint and undercarriage. The best places to use the film are the wheel wells, front bumper, hood and rocker panels. It resists staining and yellowing to keep the paint color true to your car.

Wax Your Car

Waxing protects your car from salt, debris and UV rays. It provides a non-stick surface to deflect snow, salt and dirt and can be applied on top of the protective paint film for double protection.

Cover Your Car

If you don’t have a garage or you need to park at work, your car will be exposed to the elements all winter long. A cover will reduce the amount of frost build up and also protect your car from salt spray and snow while parked.

Keeping your car looking like new through the winter can be a time-consuming task, but to prevent the high costs of rust corrosion and salt damage, it’s worth the time you take to care for your car well.