Samsung Announced First 10 Nanometer DRAM

Samsung Announced First 10 Nanometer DRAM

On April 11,2016 – Samsung announced mass producing the first 10 nanometer DDR4 chips using the tech in 8-gigabits sizes which means that a single chip will be able to accommodate 1GB of memory. The new chips will have a starting capacity of 4GB for PCs and go all the way up to 128GB for enterprise servers. Samsung, a leading manufacturer of semiconductor come out with the improvements in speed and efficiency. Samsung remarked that its new chips is faster transfer data speed at up to 3,200 megabits per second (30 percent faster than the 2,400Mbps that its old 20-nanometer chips) while also using 10 to 20 percent less power. The announcement marks a big milestone for Samsung, which first mass-produced 20 nanometer 4-gigabits DDR3 DRAM back in 2014.

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The new DRAM chip uses the latest and smallest semiconductor fabrication process of 10 nanometer. The new chips are also less power hungry, consuming 10- to 20-percent less power than 20 nanometer chips,which can help in building faster and more efficient memory.

This new 10 nanometer chips are ideal for large enterprise networks and high-performance computing systems. Memory speed is an important factor that helps to determine exactly how fast data moves through a computer.

Firstly, Samsung will package up the 8-gigabit modules into RAM chips for computers and 4-gigabits offerings for laptops, up to 128-gigabits slabs for servers. They’ll be available in the coming month. Then, The next step for Samsung is that they will be to introduce a 10-nanometer class mobile DDR4 DRAM solution for smartphones and mobile devices that brings high density and speed this year, which the company says will “solidify its leadership in the ultra-HD smartphone market”.