Microsoft And Google Joining Hands For Developing Angular 2

Microsoft And Google Joining Hands For Developing Angular 2

Microsoft and Google have teamed up for developing the next version of JavaScript framework and this partnership is being seen as a surprise because of the long-due rivalry of these internet giants.

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Microsoft and Google are now working together for Angular 2, which is the newer version of Google’s JavaScript framework. Angular 2 will be the amalgam of Microsoft’s TypeScript language and Google’s AtScript, which is an advanced version of TypeScript. Now the developers will have the power to write apps for a new framework in the very same language.

The announcement was made last week at ng-conf in Salt Lake. Microsoft’s TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript for app development which offers rich tooling integration along with the compile-time checking. Angular is currently using AtScript superset of TypeScript for some time.

TypeScript 1.0 was released last year and developer team has added ES6 syntax features along with building user-requested features such as ECMAScript 7 async/await to help coders write the asynchronous code easily. The latest developments have made the common build tasks up to 4 times faster.

There has been a continuous growth in the TypeScript ecosystem and this partnership with Google’s Angular team for Angular 2 will surely contribute to its growth.

Whereas, this move hasn’t been well received in the developer world because Angular 2 is incompatible with the previous framework version and Microsoft’s entry could make the situation even harder.