How blogging helps your startup gain traction

How blogging helps your startup gain traction

As the number of websites on the internet increases exponentially, new businesses are faced up with the challenge of getting found and stand out from the competition. On the other hand, if your website already scores some traffic, you should ensure your content grabs people’s attention so that they are enticed to come back for more. One of the best ways in which to do this and establish a brand on the internet is to blog.


Before you commit your resources, get customer feedback for your ideas

You should be ready to make some adjustments to your original plan to get it right. Blog about your idea and ensure you accumulate sufficient feedback in the form of comments. Ensure you spend as little money as possible while you are learning.

Blogging helps increase your rank in search engines

Publishing relevant new content in your blog can go a long way in improving your search engine optimization, not to mention that blog comments also generate a healthy amount of inbound and outbound links. The visibility and overall score of your website will increase even further if you post on industry sites.

Develop a writing style that is both effective and efficient

A good blog is of key importance to a business and helps spread its message. It has tightly-written, easily-understandable and short message. Quite too often we see executive and investment summaries that span the length of many pages without providing a clear message to what the business is about. Practice your writing style often and ensure you get as much feedback as possible to confirm you are on target.

Discover the ideal partner

Blogs are great platforms for potential partners to discover each other and establish relationship on social media sites before agreeing on a deal and negotiating who gets how much. Maintaining a blog ensures that you have a much wider reach than that of industry conferences and business networking channels.

Establish yourself as a thought leader among your employees

In startups and companies of small size, employees are looking for leaders they can follow and respect, in contrast with large companies where jobs are more secure.

Build your customer base as early as possible

Marketing is about creating an excitement around a brand. Don’t overdo it and promise something you can’t deliver but it is never too early to build a brand and create a community of customers. Also look for additional streams of revenue like consulting and speaking engagements.

Attract more funding to your project and establish greater visibility

Investors are often scanning new entrepreneurs and blogs for ideas. It is both satisfying and rewarding to be approached by investors with proposals than having to call a list of people and explain who you are and what you do. Investors are after certain people as much as they are after particular ideas.

Blogging is effective when it is used for pull marketing and shouldn’t be used to push a product to customers instead, according to BlueHat Marketing. By providing value to your audience, you are “pulling” them to your site in search of relevant solutions. Such a solution puts you in front of your competition as it is a win-win scenario for both your startup and your customers.