Common Hardware Used to Run Web Hosting Servers

Common Hardware Used to Run Web Hosting Servers

It you are thinking about putting together your own web hosting server then you will be considering what type of hardware to use. HostPresto, a popular UK web host publicly divulged what hardware they’re running so this should give you some idea.

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Once you start doing some research you will find that there are a number of options out there which will vary in price plus how much knowledge you will need to put them together. It is worth thinking through all of the options before you actually start to put anything together as you once you have started, it will be difficult and probably expensive to change your mind. Whether you have a lot of knowledge, or very little, it is important to make sure that you research all of your options really well.

Many people will choose to build something themselves cheaply. This is obviously perfect if you do not have any money to invest in the project. However, cheaper parts will not be so reliable and you may find that in time you will have to replace them and this could be difficult and may even work out more expensive in the long term. This could be okay if you start to make money from the project and can therefore afford to invest in the future, but it can be difficult at this stage to conclude as to whether you may do this. It may also be time consuming to put it together yourself, depending on your experience and level of expertise. If you enjoy this sort of thing and have plenty of time then it could be the perfect project for you, but it is always worth remembering that tasks like this always tend to take longer than you expect and so if you do not have that much spare time, it may not be the right solution for you.

If you have the money then it can be best to invest in a more expensive set up. You can still custom build this if you wish to get involved, save some money and want to make sure it fits your specific requirements. It may be the same price though as getting a pre-built server so you have to decide whether you think it is worth it. Particularly as pre built one will come with a warranty whereas a custom built one will not. Consider why you want it custom built and see whether you can get something for the same cost that does what you need. Doing it yourself will mean that you can pick and choose and make sure that you get the parts you need and you will be able to set things up exactly how you want to. Obviously you will need to know what you are doing and be confident that you can come up with a good build. It could be a really good learning experience!

It is possible to get hold of a pre-built tower server. This is proven technology so you know that it will be something that you can rely on. They will have a warranty that you can fall back on if necessary and offer support in case of any problems. There is something secure about knowing that you are using technology that you can rely on and that you know has been used by lots of other people in the past. However, they are often built for a specific operating system and this could limit you somewhat. If you wish to add to your servers then it is likely that you will have to buy them from the same place in order to guarantee that they will be able to work together. This is likely to be a more expensive option as well, so it is something that needs some considerable thought.

Another option is to purchase pre-built rack server units. These are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons. They are small, which means that they not only take up less space but also get less hot and cost less than larger ones. They have the same abilities as larger units but a lot of advantages. However, they can be difficult to upgrade and it may be difficult to install some software. They also come with a standard operating system which cannot be changed. You have to decide whether it is worth trying them and so it is worth comparing different brands to see whether they have the functions that you are looking for.

Therefore when you are making a choice you need to consider all of the potential needs of your users so that you make sure that you start off with the right system for them. Unfortunately all of the options have disadvantages as well as advantages and you will probably find that the more that you can afford to pay, the better a system you get. However, if you only have limited needs, you may find that a small system which is fairly cheap could be suitable.