Bitdefender Box 2 – Smart Security Solution For All Your Internet Connected Devices

For many years, people have been using antivirus software and security plug-ins to protect their computers and laptops against numerous threats. Even mobile phones and other devices get hacked and end up with errors due to viral attacks. Of course, everyone is concerned with the protection of internet connected devices against any internet threats.


bitdefender box 2

I am going to introduce you to an amazing piece of hardware that will dramatically protect your home network and provide security for the internet of things devices, touted as the Bitdefender BOX 2. This box is a security gadget for your home and it claims to protect every computer, phone, tablet, smart devices, and home appliance as well. The newly announced BOX 2 is the successor to last year’s Bitdefender BOX.

The Bitdefender BOX 2 is far better than any antivirus software and security suite, because it provides an extra layer of protection against malicious threats, scanning you entire network for vulnerable devices. The company claims that the BOX will provide you guaranteed privacy and cybersecurity to all your connected devices. And by using this BOX, your devices are not only secure at your home, but also wherever you go with your mobile device.

What I like most about the Bitdefender BOX 2 is Private Line, a unique feature. Private Line is a VPS-like service which will let you connect your devices to your wireless network remotely. The BOX 2 comes with every needed security feature, such as it is able to monitor you personal information and prevent you from submitting your personal data on fraudulent or insecure websites.

The new BOX will come with a much faster and powerful processor, more RAM and hefty storage, all of better quality than before. The BOX 2 will be powered by the dual core ARM Cortex A9 processor, which has a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz. The security solution packs 1 gigabytes of RAM along with 4 gigabytes of flash storage. The hardware comes with support for Dual Concurrent 2.4GHz and 5GHz, 802.11n MIMO 2×2 + 802.11ac MIMO 33 AC1300. As far as the connectivity is concerned, there are two 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet ports.