5 Ways To Enhance Your Display Marketing Campaign

5 Ways To Enhance Your Display Marketing Campaign

Display marketing campaigns have the potential to raise brand awareness and increase custom for businesses. The problem is that marketing goals are often not realised due to a failure to optimize the campaign for maximum returns. Some companies experience disappointing results in their display marketing campaigns which can be disheartening. With some applied knowledge in this field, however, businesses can maximise their campaign impact.

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1) Being seen is the most important thing.

A common assumption in the online marketing world is that the major factor influencing buyer conversion, that is a purchase resulting from exposure to adverts, is the amount of clicks a display advert receives. The truth is that conversion rates depend more on display adverts being seen, hovered over and interacted with than on click-through rates. High visibility of online display adverts will increase brand awareness that may influence the purchasing decisions of potential customers and modern technology enables these conversion rates to be monitored.

2) Be selective about where you display your adverts.

When choosing a platform for a display marketing campaign it should be remembered that a targeted approach yields better results than a scatter-shot approach. Marketers should be selective about where adverts are displayed in order to reach the relevant audience, maximise brand visibility and to protect brand image. Platforms that are irrelevant to the company or which could hurt the company’s image via association should be excluded while platforms that are relevant to the business and lift the brand image should be included.

3) Use animation with caution.

The use of animated adverts could boost a brand’s image and provide an edge over competing brands. It is important to remember, however, that not all websites and not all internet users have the correct setup to run animated adverts. With this in mind it is advisable to have static alternatives to animated adverts that will be visible in scenarios where insufficient system requirements make the display of animated adverts an impossibility.

4) Branch out into mobile app territory.

Ever since smartphones arrived on the market around the mid-2000s these handheld electronic devices have become more widespread with each passing year, with increasing numbers of people using their phones to surf the internet, chat with friends, interact with business contacts, play games and much more. Mobile apps are a key component of smartphone usage and present a new horizon for display advertising than more traditional platforms such as web browsers.

5) Use remarketing to maximise campaign goals.

Remarketing is an useful tool for continued engagement between companies and internet users that have expressed an interest in or purchased a certain product. Interested parties download cookies that allow relevant adverts to appear during their future internet usage, reminding them of the product and the brand that specialises in it. The use of remarketing is an effective means of achieving marketing goals, resulting in high conversion rates compared to other methods, making it an important part of any good marketing strategy.