Turn your TV into a smarter one with the Logitech K600 Smart TV Keyboard

Turn your TV into a smarter one with the Logitech K600 Smart TV Keyboard

Logitech is no stranger to wired-free keyboards, and the most modern product is simply improving on what the organisation already does first-rate. To be had in October for $69.99, the new Logitech K600 tv Keyboard is designed especially to be used with smart TVs. You could take a look at to peer in case your tv is well matched here. You may additionally get your pre-orders in. Remember the fact that this could work simply as well with different Bluetooth-compatible devices like your pc.

This has a trackpad alongside the side of the QWERTY keyboard as well as a ton of buttons for media controls. You could even use the directional pad to make your keyboard a full remote control. The K600 additionally has a 15-meter wireless variety and a yr-long battery life.

Logitech K600 TV Keyboard Features

This device comes with everything you want to control any smart television, laptop or cellular device this is related to the tv. Offering a familiar typing revel in, the K600 tv Keyboard enables you to control, choose and search your content. Likewise, the touchpad permits you to make fluid movements while the D-Pad gives correct precision. Similarly, the K600 tv Keyboard allows you are making the maximum out of the browser on your smart television. clearly type in URLs, search phrases, scroll via sites, input mix-cased passwords and control the cursor easily. Moreover, the keyboard connects to up to three devices, allowing you to switch among your smart tv, computer, and mobile gadgets. Presenting a range of almost 50 feet, the K600 television Keyboard helps you live related anyplace you’re in the room.

Logitech K600 TV Keyboard Price

While the new model will be pricier than its predecessors, such as the K400 keyboard, the additional price is arguably worthwhile since it takes your keyboard from a regular old wireless model to one with way more features. Make sure to sign up for the Thrifter newsletter to be alerted when it goes on sale, and remember that you can pre-order now if you’re interested.