This set of string lights resemble cute lil potion bottles

This set of string lights resemble cute lil potion bottles

Apparently, decorating Christmas timber with little vials of methyl chloride was extraordinarily popular within the 50s and 60s. Due to the fact methyl chloride has a low boiling factor, a small bulb can generate sufficient warmness to provide bubbles within the vial, developing a captivating effect. these “bubble lighting fixtures” have been a little before my time, however i’m able to surely admire the idea of a potentially dangerous however decorative chemistry experiment being repurposed for the wishes of a present day, extremely good nerdy Christmas tree. Enter potion bottle bubble string lighting.

Potion Bottle Bubble String Lights Design

This is a pretty cool and fascinating light string that measures eleven-half inches long, and each light five-half inches tall. Similar with the potion LED table lamp, each light at the string looks as if a effervescent potion bottle from a classic video game. Meanwhile, each mini potion bottle capabilities extremely good detailing, and the tubes carries a small quantity of methylene chloride in order to deliver a vivid visible impact. Furthermore, the silver image provides extra mysterious details to the potion bottles.


Potion Bottle Bubble String Lights Features

The light string comes with seven effervescent potion bottles, and you could connect as much as 12 strings cease-to-quit so that it will use 84 5W candelabra base bulbs to enhance your Christmas tree. Moreover, the clips at the lights’ bases let you cautiously arrange them on the tree for a super appearance. Included overload safety and replacement fuse make certain these mini potion bottles will in no way deliver any danger to your house.

Potion Bottle Bubble String Lights Price

The potion bottle bubble string lighting fixtures are to be had exclusively through ThinkGeek for $24.99. So pass on and snatch a fixed or two for yourself and watch visitors fall below your spell. In case you are really fascinated, bounce to ThinkGeek for its more information.