Protect Your Phone! Follow These Steps

Protect Your Phone! Follow These Steps

When you’re getting a new mobile phone, the talk of insurance is one of the most boring parts. We often dismiss it as a needless expense. Those that agree to get it usually only do so just to get the customer service assistant to stop talking about insurance.


But think about it. Mobiles are in danger all the time. They’re constantly connected to the Internet, making susceptible to viruses. The screens can crack easily. And I know very few people who haven’t had a mobile phone stolen from them. Websites like will help you out with highly-recommended insurance. But the hope is that you won’t have to make insurance claims at all. Here are the dangers to your phone, and how you can protect yourself from them.


People often take the safety of their mobile phone for granted. Sure, I’ve got my phone out and on display. But doesn’t everyone else here?

But phone theft is a fact. More often than not, the target is completely random. When you are using your mobile phone in a public place, try and be aware of your surroundings. If anyone that is stood too close to you or keeps giving you funny looks, move away or hide your phone.

You need to be especially careful at music concerts. Phone thieves operate heavily at gigs. Check your pockets periodically to ensure your belongings are still there. Try to take some time looking away from the band and at the people around you. You may not just be among a sea of unthinking, music-swept fans. There could be thieving schemers around!


Most mobile phones come prepackaged with anti-virus software. If your phone doesn’t have such protection, sort this out as soon as possible! Free protection is available from sites like

As previously mentioned, phones are constantly connected to the Internet. That means they are exposed to potential threats all of the time. A mobile phone virus is basically the same thing as a computer virus. It’s a file that has gotten into your phone and is infecting your data. It could destroy certain functionalities, or it could log any data you enter into it. This could include payment information.

Don’t go to strange websites and start downloading files. The only apps you should download are the ones available on stores approved by your mobile phone company. This mostly restricts you to Google Play and Apple’s App Store. You should also avoid connecting to unfamiliar Wi-Fi systems.

Screen and body damage!

The most common method of phone protection is a good protective case. The best ones for preventing cracks and chips will be the tougher ones. However, these will also add weight to your phone.

It may be worth going to a phone store and asking to try out some cases on your phone. This way you can feel the difference in weight first-hand. Alternatively, if you’re purchasing from the Internet, make sure you check the customer reviews. You need to see that they’re both stylish and strong!