MotherBox wireless charger charges smartphones without needing a charging pad

Technology startup Yank Tech, named after its founder Josh Yank, desires to supply “the first wireless charger that can absolutely wirelessly charge your device.” The company set up an Indiegogo campaign to fund their enterprise, and has already some distance passed their $25,000 goal.

The MotherBox promises to gives you wireless charging of your smartphone or Apple devices at a price of 2 to 10 watts, depending on the device’s distance from the MotherBox. The device itself looks like a mini soccer ball, and does need to stay plugged in. The firm is also imparting a smaller battery-operated model that does not want steady power. also, your device should be fitted with a receiver thru its USB charging port.

MotherBox Wireless Charger Design

The MotherBox is an innovative and realistic wireless charger that is available in two models. The standard unit measures 6 x 6 x 6 in and its mini version is 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches. As you can see from the picture, each versions sport a graceful polyhedral round form factor, and its mini version capabilities a greater compact layout that lets in you to without difficulty attach it onto your backpack for easy carrying.

MotherBox Wireless Charger Features

The wireless charger works with Apple iPhone and Android phones using of custom Lightning and microUSB receivers. All you need to do is jut use its custom app to wirelessly connect with your cellphone for you to price it without needing any cable or contact with a wireless charging pad.

The MotherBox needs to be plugged in a electricity outlet, and the MotherBox Mini comes geared up with a 7000mAh rechargeable battery for cellular wi-fi charging. The MotherBox is capable of concurrently charging 3 to 4 gadgets, and its mini version supports charging 1 to 2 gadgets at the equal time.

MotherBox wireless charger Price

The MotherBox has been to be had for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $79 to preorder the wireless charger ($89 for MotherBox Mini portable wireless charger). Each models could be shipped in September 2017 (estimated).