Misfit New Fitness And Sleep Monitor Device: Misfit Ray

Misfit New Fitness And Sleep Monitor Device: Misfit Ray

Misfit’s all the products have always been minimalist without sacrificing the basic features that all activity trackers are expected to have. Now, Misfit released new Fitness and Sleep Monitor device called Misfit Ray, the company’s most minimal tracker yet.

The Ray’s bands are arguably the thinnest of any current fitness tracker, making it feel and look more like a bracelet than a typical device. Its tubular module is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and it supports TPU and genuine leather bands.

On the underside of the tube is a small Misfit logo, while the top features a small multi-coloured LED light, and the vibration motor. Tapping this activates it into showing progress in the form of orange, red and green lights.


Additionally, there’s a small disc at each end of the tube that makes the Ray water-resistant up to fifty metres – something market-leader Fitbit doesn’t offer on any of its eight trackers. The three biggest pieces of technology inside it are the tri-axis accelerometer, the single multicolored LED, and the vibration motor. Its battery is a small button cell that’s sits inside the tube, and it will last about four to six months depending on how many alerts you use daily. Since it does not have a heart rate monitor, there’s no need to wear the Ray uncomfortably tight around your wrist.

The Ray also features a silent alarm function like many other activity trackers, as well as an idol alert function, called Misfit Move, which vibrates and lights-up the screen when you’ve not moved within a set period of time.

Ray comes in Rose Gold and Carbon Black, is now available in retail locations worldwide and Starting from $99.99.