MeetPlayLive Is Proud To Present A Fully Functioning Android Tablet – The Bananax

MeetPlayLive Is Proud To Present A Fully Functioning Android Tablet – The Bananax

MeetPlayLive is proud to present the next step in children’s entertainment, The Bananax! A powerful, fully functional Android tablet that boasts superior hardware. The Bananax offers over two hundred games and apps out of the box, custom made software to promote early education, and unique accessories, like an attachable keyboard, only found on our tablet. Redefining education has never been so fun!


Only Bananax offers Jake and Jade, the Pirate Monkey, giving children their own world on their own tablet. The look on a child’s face when they get their Bananax is the best selling point there is” – talking with NV Observer said, Patrick J. Barrett III – President

The Bananax features 4GB of memory, and space for an additional 32GB Micro SD Card, flaunting a potential 36GB of memory. With access to over 300,000 apps on the Google Play Store, and loaded with custom educational games, children’s learning is positively supported and reinforced

Online safety is our priority! Instead of a wall of icons, Bananax has a unique, bright, colorful interface wheel to draw children into the world of Jake and Jade, the Pirate Monkeys. This unique launcher can be set by parents to control the web browser, the apps a child can access, and even when they can use the tablet.

While the Bananax is designed for children, it can be used to its fullest by adults as well. Simply enter the Parental Access Code to drop into a full Android 4.2 launcher and use the Bananax as you would any other Android device. Its powerful 3D hardware allows for complex gaming for adults, or for children as they grow.

MeetPlayLiveLLC was founded by Patrick Barrett III, a developer on The Sims. Our goal is to allow children to grow in a positive, safe, and entertaining manner, from early years through adulthood.

I love the parental controls. I love the fact that you can attach a keyboard to the tablet and teach kids to type. On top of that, the Bananax is the perfect size for children to handle…over all I’m very impressed!”-Myra Rodriguez- Customer