Krog iWavestation App Now For IOS Device

Krog iWavestation App Now For IOS Device

The Krog Wavestation synthesizer was released in 1990 with its new “advanced vector synthesis system” for cost about $2,000. It is a classical device and created new sounds by combining and connecting multiple waveforms. But everyone can’t afford this device because it’s too much costly.


Now in 2016, the Krog is packed everything the synth offers into an IOS app called Krog iWavestation App. The application costs only $19.99. Krog had already released Wavestation as a Windows and Mac application for cost about $99.99, but you can use it on your IOS devices.

Krog says the sounds and actual functionally and the same as the original instrument, but that in certain situations, sound can be manipulated in ways that were never previously possible. And the company also said it has “evolved the operability” of the Wavestation from the Krog Legacy Collection.

The app contains 1,500 sounds, 700 waveforms, and 55 effects, plus a feature that immediately creates different wave sequences. It also features a renewed design that lets everyone experience the stupendous sound-shaping potential of Wavestation. It features a touch-based operation that’s distinctive of IOS, in conjunction with a new graphic interface that allows you to visualize and edit the time-varying timbral changes that are distinctive of the Wavestation.

The sound and functionality are taken directly from the Wavestation itself, but the quick and intuitive sound-shaping were previously impossible are now made possible by the iWavestation app. Now you can enjoy the diverse sounds of wave sequencing, on your iPad or iPhone.