Henge Horizontal MacBook Pro Docking Station Works With 2016 MacBook Pro Models

Henge Docks, known for its line of docks for the Apple’s range of notebooks and iOS devices, recently brought a new docking stations designed for the 2016 MacBook Pro version. Dock your new MacBook pro and also you’ll turn the USB C ports into all the connectivity that you need to connect to video display units, tough drives and different accessories.

Henge Horizontal MacBook Pro Docking Station Design

The horizontal docking station is dedicatedly designed for 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook w/o Touch Bar. The MacBook pro dock having a swish, modern appearance layout that permits it to match nicely with the appearance of your MacBook, however not like the compact docking station, the horizontal docking station seems greater appropriate for constantly staying for your table.

Henge Horizontal MacBook Pro Docking Station Features

The Henge Horizontal MacBook Pro Docking Station comes gear with various ports to expend the capability of your MacBook such as 4 × USB 3.0 ports, 2 × USB-C ports, dual Mini DisplayPorts, 1 × Gigabit Ethernet port, 1 × HDMI port, dual audio jacks and a SD card reader. Furthermore, its 60W energy supply lets in it to address all linked gadgets comfortably, even 4 external displays. The shape-fitting design permits it to firmly preserve your MacBook in vicinity, so you won’t worry about it falling off your desk.

Henge Horizontal MacBook Pro Docking Station Price

The Henge horizontal MacBook Pro docking station has exclusively available for preorder. You can head to Henge Docks for its more details, so jump to Amazon for a horizontal docking station for previous MacBook with Retina display.