Enjoy multiple operating modes in one unit with the Capsule360 Motion Control Box

Enjoy multiple operating modes in one unit with the Capsule360 Motion Control Box

The digicam triggering company MIOPS has just announced the Capsule360, a new app-controlled motion that the corporation claims is the arena’s “most compact and flexible movement box ever created.” It’s one movement device that ambitions to do it all.

Capsule360 Motion Control Box Features

Like minded with all video gadgets, this motion box grants advanced time-lapse movement and video modes. Capsule360 has three-Axis motion capability, allowing you to create Pan, Slide and Tilt movements with no trouble. Likewise, you may carry out all 2-axis movements including Pan-Slide, Pan-Tilt, and Tilt-Slide as well as a three-axis motion combination. To create a couple of axis moves, coordinate up to 3 Capsule360 bins without delay out of your cellphone. Similarly, all units talk with none cable connection. Camera360 also gives smart item tracking, 360-degree Product pictures, panorama, star monitoring for Astrophotography, and greater. To track an object, really mark it through the app and Capsule360 will manage the rest. Perfect for vloggers, Capsule360 may even recognize and comply with your face on its personal.


Speed and course can be managed the usage of the iOS and Android MIOPS phone app via Bluetooth, which adds a effective “brain” to the gadget. Custom motion paths can be created the use of the cellphone as well: really reveal the way you’d just like the digital camera to move by way of transferring your cellphone around, and the Capsule360 can repeat the motions with the connected digicam as oftentimes as you’d like.

Other specs and features of the Capsule360 include a built-in rechargeable battery (eight hours of continuous use or 1 week of time-lapses), external USB power source support, a weight of just 250g (~8.8oz), and a length of just 105mm (~4.1in) at its longest dimension.

Capsule360 Motion Control Box Price

As with its smart trigger, MIOPS is turning to Kickstarter to launch the Capsule360. Backers who contribute at least $179 will receive one of the first basic units if/when the project successfully ships in December 2018. If you’d like the additional add-ons and accessories, you’ll need to contribute a larger amount.