5 Common Technologies Public Health Professionals Take Advantage Of

5 Common Technologies Public Health Professionals Take Advantage Of

The public health industry is huge. It consists of many different sectors in a variety of sub-industries. This means that there are thousands of careers on offer to join the many professionals with a master of public health that already work in the industry.

Technologies Public Health Professionals

One of the great benefits of working in the public health sector is that employees get the opportunity to work with a variety of technologies across many industries. If you are interested in getting to know more about the different technologies public health workers take advantage of in their day to day lives, have a look at five of the most common below.

1. Laptops

Of course, one of the many popular technologies that public health workers use on a daily basis is a laptop. A laptop provides many benefits to the public health worker, not only for research purposes and communication, but also because they allow workers to get on with their job at hand, rather than sit in the office spending hours doing paperwork.

2. Portable Projectors

Portable projectors are perfect for those working in the public health industry to present statistical data, and offer a variety of other presentations depending on the sector they work in. Portable projectors are now very small and lightweight, which means they can be transported easily. They also make it very easy to connect to other devices to project video footage and images with ease.

3. Mobile Phones

Obviously, mobile devices play a huge part in a public health worker’s day to day job, regardless of what job sector they work in. In some working environments, mobile phones are frowned upon, but you’ll often find many sectors take advantage of mobile phone products to help with communication and research.

4. Tablets

Tablets are becoming much more popular in a variety of industries, the public health sector being one of them. Tablets are even becoming relied upon in some industries, thanks to apps that help improve public health services. Not only do tablets play a role for public health workers, but you’ll also find many students at The University of Arizona take advantage of them while they are studying for a MPH degree online.

5. Macintosh Computers

Not only do public health workers rely on their laptops for their day to day workload, but you’ll also find many of them also have Macintosh computers for use with statistical data work back at their offices. Macintosh computers have advanced computer technology, which is why they play an important role for research purposes for workers in the public health sector.

The above five technologies are the most common ones used across all sectors in the public health industry. You will find that there are many more instances of technology making the day to day lives of workers so much easier. Technology is growing at an astounding rate, with many new inventions every year, and it is only a matter of time until we see the above technologies replaced with even better ones.