Tips and Tricks for New Gamers

Tips and Tricks for New Gamers

If you are just entering the world of gaming, you are probably feeling more than a little lost right about now. Whether you are getting into massively multiplayer online role-playing games or playing in solitude on your own computer or gaming console, you could probably use a few tips and tricks to help get your game up to speed.

Don’t Stress

First, don’t stress about your game. Gaming is supposed to be fun. You might have no idea what you are doing when you log in for the first (or second or third or fourth) time, but don’t get discouraged. You will learn. Begin by focusing on the storyline and on the basic functions of the game and of your character. Learn how to control your character and use your character’s weapons. Most importantly, enjoy yourself.

Develop Your Skills and Character

As you learn more about the basics of the game, you will begin to develop your skills and your character. Practice your character’s battle skills on easier targets at first, getting the idea of the options available to you and branching out to using more of those options. You will quickly notice that some skills work better than others in various combat situations. Also, learn how to navigate the game by exploring travel methods and new areas (being careful not to wander too far into areas beyond your level).

Further, work on developing your character. Invest him or her with a personality and a back story. This is especially important for role-playing games, and it gives you a chance to enter more deeply into the game world. The more you expand your skills and your character, the more you will enjoy the game.

Use Online Resources

Don’t be afraid to look things up when you need to. If you are stuck on a quest or deed and have no idea where to go or what to do, refer to the game’s Wiki page or to guides designed by other players to find notes and even a walk-through. Also, read online guides devoted to your character’s class or type to pick up helpful hints and strategies.

Connect With Others

Online games often provide a chat feature that allows you to ask other players for help and advice, and most often, they are willing to help you out. Alternately, you could join an online forum dedicated to your game. Players congregate there to help each other through difficult quests, provide tips and tricks about characters and game play and even offer moral support to lost beginners. You will find that most gamers are generous with their advice and eager to help.

Add Some Humor

Finally, add some humor to your gaming. When you are frustrated, visit a funny gaming blog, or watch a humorous video stream from another gamer. You can even check out Dan Avidan of Game Grumps for a few laughs and some lighthearted banter centered around gaming. Once you’ve had a good chuckle, you can return to your game with a new outlook.

Gaming can be an extremely rewarding experience and a lot of fun, so hang in there. You will get past the beginner stage and be on your way to expert almost before you know it.