PC Gaming In The Modern Age: What You Need To Know

PC Gaming In The Modern Age: What You Need To Know

Say what you like about PCs, but the honest gamer will admit one fact. Consoles are never going to catch up with computer gaming. It’s impossible for this to happen. A console is already behind a PC even when it’s released. It can’t match the graphics, the processing speed or anything really. The console will always be the budget option for gaming no matter how expensive they might get. That’s why you might finally be thinking about switching to PC gaming. If you are there are some things you should know about.

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The Graphics Are Mind Blowing

If you have a browse online you’ll often find articles comparing console graphics to PC graphics. There is a slight flaw with doing this however and you’ll see it in the comment sections of the articles. You’ll find gamers are average joes complaining that they both look the same. Well of course they will because to see a difference in graphics you need to view them on a different system. You can’t compare two images from two different systems side by side, view them on the same system and expect them to look different. PC gaming is currently the only way you’re going to play a game in 4K. The consoles still aren’t using their full capacity for graphics and won’t until they’re further into their cycle. But, the PC is already there. You just need the right graphics and sound cards and you can play games in glorious 4K. Or, 8K if you happen to be a millionaire with a home cinema.

Multiplayer Is Finally Great

Have you ever played a multiplayer game on a console and had to deal with serious lag issues? So much so that the game becomes instantly unplayable. You’re trying to take out a sniper, and little do you know, you’ve already been shot. That’s a problem that doesn’t exist on PCs because you can purchase your own server. Private Minecraft server hosting is great on the PC for that particular game because you can run your own, secure world. Invite your friends to play on it with you but keep everyone else out and have it running smoothly. You can do this with most mass multiplayer online games running on the PC.

The Wait Times Aren’t Fun

In the past gamers got used to having to wait a couple of minutes for a game to boot up and load. Then, when the new HD games arrived, they got used to a couple of hours it took to download them. But now PC gamers are facing a whole different type of waiting. They’re waiting for a game to release on the PC. It doesn’t matter whether you’re waiting for the game to arrive, looking at you GTA. Or waiting for a game to arrive and work, *cough,* Batman! PC gamers seem to be getting the short end of the stick. It might just be us but we think these waits are still worth it. In most cases when the game does arrive, it’s glorious. And, it doesn’t matter what you’re playing games on, at some point you will have to wait longer than others. PS4 players aren’t getting Tomb Raider until next year and Wii U players…well they’re not getting much of anything!