Hydrofoil Drone: Great Design

Hydrofoil Drone: Great Design

It comes in two variants, the NewZ and the Orak. The unit was the Orak Hydrofoil drone, which characteristics a stealthy looking black hull. The small drone unit can be flown solo or placed into a support secured to the hull for on water action.


The Hydrofoil is a new drone from Parrot that is squarely designed to target the fun sector of the market. Battery wise, plugged into the mains you will be powered up fully inside half an hour. Plugged into a laptop USB.

Nevertheless, it take three times as long, so try to opt for the former where possible. Battery life of Hydrofoil is short by drone standards. At full pelt it was managed only about 5 minutes playtime on the water, and only a tad longer in flight mode.

The on-screen speed and directional controls are intuitive. On paper, the Hydrofoil is not super fast by drone standards. It characterizes a maximum 10kmh speed on water, but it feels much faster and looks great.

To start, the drone sits in the support unit. Once you open up the app in your tablet or phone, you’ll auto connect via Bluetooth and the on-screen controls will pop up. If outdoors, bear in mind that the surface of water needs to be calm by paddling pools or ponds at a push, but surely nothing tidal.

Aside from a battery life that could be amended, the exact flying time you get with the Hydrofoil is particularly enjoyable.

You use the on screen joystick-style pads to control height, speed and direction. One slight issue is that it does lag a little, so you need to ensure enough open space when taking the drone for a spin.

Final Opinion

The Hydrofoil is great for entertainment, but lacks the key specialties that true drone enthusiasts would not want to be without.