TT8 multi-functional wooden turntable let you streams music from your smartphone

TT8 multi-functional wooden turntable let you streams music from your smartphone

Minfort based in los angeles, California has created a brand new wooden turntable called the TT8 which has this week been released thru Kickstarter and is capable of playing both vinyl records and streaming playlists via Bluetooth combining both retro and contemporary technologies to offer a multifunctional wooden turntable.

TT8 Wooden Turntable Design

The TT8 is a sophisticated and versatile wooden turntable that measures 18.1 x 14.2 x 3.1 inches and weighs 16.8 lbs. As we are able to see from the snap shots, the turntable functions a charming housing constructed with natural wood, and it is available in 3 optionally available wooden materials such as teak, walnut and oak. Each wooden housing gives you a stable construction and one-of-a-type wood grain.

TT8 Wooden Turntable

TT8 Wooden Turntable Features

The wood turntable comes equipped with an aluminum platter that measures 30cm diameter, and the usage of integrated belt power and DC motor, it works with all vinyl data in exceptional sizes. Furthermore, the TT8 capabilities dual operational magnificence D amplifier (50W for essential channel and 100W for sub-woofer), and its RCA output lets in it to connect with your personal top rate speakers of one-of-a-kind 2.1 channel stereo speaker machine that consists of two Passives8 audio system and one PS525 sub-woofer speaker.

Furthermore, as a multi-functional turntable, TT8 additionally functions integrated Bluetooth and WiFi, so you can also the speaker system to movement your favored music out of your cellphone or tablet. Its RCA and decide input allow it to work along with your CD, DVD player, PS4 or Xbox One, and a built-in USB port is designed to play MP3, WAV or FLAC file from your USB flash drive.

TT8 Wooden Turntable Price

The team behind TT8 has raised sufficient fund for the product through Kickstarter. we will pledge $599 to preorder the wooden turntable with WiFi and Bluetooth. It will likely be shipped in March this year.