S34E790C By Samsung – Broad Display

S34E790C By Samsung – Broad Display

Samsung’s unveiled the first big screen monitor we’ve ever seen with curved design and 4K resolution screen. The curve in the S34E790C is supposed to help make the monolithic Samsung more manageable. It decreases any seeing angle based image deformations that result from having such a big screen the bigger the screen, the greater the angle from which you will be seeing the farthermost edges of the screen.


Style & Specs

The S34E790C’s extra number of vertical pixels make it a much more useful day to day monitor equate to lower resolution widescreen panels. Plus, a tight pixel density of 110ppi equated to 96ppi for the 29in LG 29EA93 makes images on the screen nice and sharp. The Samsung’s size and resolution also help it compete well with 4K panels. The Philips Magnificence BDM4065UC has the same 110ppi as the Samsung, but we give the value more highly the wide screen here it is just more administer-able than the 40in Philips, which will be too large for most desks.

Port selection is sensible there are two HDMI sockets, a Display Port connector, four back facing USB 3.0 sockets and a headphone jack. That ought to be enough to sate most users, and those two HDMI ports can be used for Picture in Picture 2.0, which displays two different image sources on the single screen a similar system to the LG 29EA93.

Image Character & Screen Styles

Colour gradation is captivate. The Samsung’s Delta E averaged 1.65, which is finer than the LG’s 1.76 and the 2.65 average of the Philips. A black level of 0.15 nits means dark tones are inky and deep, and they help the Samsung to deliver an astonishing contrast ratio of 2,133:1 that is double the level we consider to be very good making this an ideal screen for watching movies and playing games.

While both of those scores trounce the LG, the Philips delivered even deeper blacks and better contrast although, arguably, not to the point of making a noticeable difference.

Final Conclusion

The Samsung S34E790C’s curve characteristic is far from necessity, but it adds a sense of submergence to games and movies while at the same time offering a great setup for day to day work.