Three Reasons to Use Employee Time Cards

Three Reasons to Use Employee Time Cards

Accurate time tracking for employees is valuable in ensuring accuracy, but with different methods available, it may be difficult to assess what type of time tracking is most efficient. Here are some of the reasons time cards might be most beneficial to both employees and their employers.

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Whenever a company announces that they are moving to the time clock method of tracking employee performance, employees might mistakenly believe the system is only beneficial to the employer. However, the truth is that employees drastically benefit from this system as well. Specifically, time clocks provide more accuracy in payrolls and prevents employees from getting shorted on their paychecks. Whenever a paycheck is wrong, it could take time and effort to correct the problem, which puts the employee in a situation where they have to wait even longer to receive their check. Machine-printed cards ensure that illegible handwriting will not cause a problem in payroll, and can even prevent data entry issues from arising.

Employee Fairness

There’s nothing worse for a hard worker to arrive for a full day of work, only to watch co-workers get away with taking long lunches or arriving late to work. This can potentially create a morale issue among your employees that do follow the rules. The end result is that you will not have to check on employees to ensure they are arriving and departing work on time, and employees who do perform their job well will feel that their hard work is recognized. Employees who do not put in a full day of work will be encouraged to perform better.

Increased Satisfaction at Work

Occasionally, overtime is necessary for job growth. Tracking methods that are not up to date may not accurately reflect an employee’s overtime, which could make them feel that their hard work is not being appreciated or recognized. Excessive overtime can lead to increased stress, which could cause employees to begin looking for other employment after a period of time. An accurate tracking system could help to alert management when their employees are potentially working too much. The end result is that employees will not feel overworked, and if they do have to work overtime, they will feel confident that it is being noticed.

Time clocks provide more accuracy for employers to track employee performance, which creates more efficient administration and better management of labor costs. This method of time tracking is beneficial to both employers and employees.