Natural Oil Seeps Could Restore Our Domestic Supply Of Oil

Natural Oil Seeps Could Restore Our Domestic Supply Of Oil

Concern over the world’s supply of oil, and our own domestic supply in particular, have been the catalyst for much controversy and conflict in the past. Shortages of oil and natural gas have panicked investors and consumers alike, while fueling all sorts of conspiracy theories and wild doomsday scenarios. Perhaps the reader is familiar with the dystopian premise of such films as the “Mad Max” series, which take place in a post-apocalyptic future where tribal supremacy is based on controlling the supply of fuel.

Natural Oil Seeps

The Supply Of Natural Gas And Oil Is Strictly Finite…Or Is It?

Of course, conditions in the world outside of media speculation aren’t as dire as some of these scenarios would have us believe. However, the supply of natural gas and oil has long been believed to be strictly finite. It seems that scientists have recently stumbled upon some startling new evidence that suggests that the natural supply of these precious substances is slowly but surely replenishing itself, simply by seeping back up from the fissures in the earth where they lay buried for millions of years.

Are New Supplies Of Oil And Natural Gas Emerging?

New evidence suggests that oil fields located in the energy rich Gulf Of Mexico region are beginning to refill themselves, completely without any prompting (or foreknowledge) on the part of engineers. Deposits of petroleum are surfacing from natural fissures that have their starting point miles below the surface of our planet. Some new supplies of oil and natural gas may even be emanating from regions that were previously thought too deep and inacessible to ever be discovered.

New Supplies Of Oil Could Replenish The American Economy

The implications of such a naturally occurring replenishing of the energy supply are simply staggering. Such a natural potential for refueling could enhance and perpetuate American hegemony on the world scene, not only in economic, but in political and military terms. A seemingly unlimited supply of energy could see America continuing as the world’s dominant super power for many centuries to come.

Is The Evidence For Unlimited Energy Truly Reliable?

Researchers from Texas A & M University were the first to leak this major story to the press. It seems that their conclusions were reached by taking precise measurements of the level of oil in several selected bodies in the Gulf of Mexico. As the study continued, the researchers began to notice that the level of oil and natural gas in these fields was seemingly rising, having been replenished by some other source unknown to man.

A Possible New Source Of Energy And Hope

While these new discoveries have yielded much positive speculation, it remains to be stressed that no concrete proof of infinite restoration has yet been found. Still, this does throw a new wrinkly into the age old war of words over disposable versus sustainable sources of energy. For more information concerning this amazing natural phenomenon, readers can consult such online sources as the Sentry Energy blog.